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CLARE'S IS CELEBRATING over 60 YEARS IN BUSINESS. 2015 marks 60 years in business.

We have a special dealer shirt printed with the owners John & Donna Clare on the back from 1955.

When you get / buy this t-shirt, bring it with you on your travels and take a photo. Once you do that - send it to Lisa and we'll make sure your picture and description gets here on our web page.

It's easy - take a photo with your John & Donna shirt on while on your journey this year.

Please submit photo and description / story to lisa@clarescycle.com

Please include where you were, who is in the photo and when it was taken. Tell your story & we’ll share it.


Russ and Lori Smith
My wife Lori and I took a four day road trip to West Virginia  Along the way we did the mile trek to the top of High Point in Maryland  Then continued to Elkins WV before rain made us turn back to home in Alanburg   
Al & Denise Horning visit Cuba - Sept. 5, 2015

When Denise and I went to Cuba in early September we took a bicycle with us that we got from a man named Aubrey Foley from Port Colborne. Aubrey refurbishes donated used bikes and sends them to less fortunate people in countries like Haiti and Cuba either in bulk (via container) or with individual  travellers like ourselves that are going to these destinations.

We went out in the country (far from  any tourist areas) with a guy we met while there and located a small house far from any nearest town that looked like they could really take advantage of the bike. It turns out the family consisted of a husband and wife that had 2 children one of which is handicapped and in a wheelchair. It normally takes the father over an hour to walk to town but with the bike he can do it in about 20 minutes which will allow him to spend more time with his family.

 I have attached a picture that Al Horning & Denise took of me approaching the house of the family we gave the bike to and (although not planned) shows me wearing my John and Donna shirt. We thought posting this picture will encourage others travelling to less fortunate countries to seek out doing something like we did to help someone less fortunate than themselves. If anyone is interested in doing the same they can get hold of me anytime and I can explain the process and give them Aubrey's contact information.

Rollin' and Thunderin' with John and Donna Clare on the occasion of Clare's 60th Anniversary!
Photo taken in front of a theme art rig at the Pentagon parking lot, Washington DC on Sunday May 24, 2015. We are at the 28th Rolling Thunder Rally, Memorial Day Weekend. 22 riders including Niagara Falls New York HOG Chapter and our own Niagara HOG Chapter. Niagara HOG is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year! 

Niagara Hog Chapter in Washington DC Sunday May 24, 2015
Rollin' down the interstate smilin' with John and Donna Clare on the occasion of Clare's Cycle 60th Anniversary! Enroute to Washington DC for the 28th Rolling Thunder Rally, Memorial Day Weekend. Riders include Niagara Falls New York HOG Chapter and friends and our own Niagara HOG Chapter. Niagara HOG is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year

John, Donna, Straga Rosa & Butch at the 2015 Biker Reunion, New Liskeard Ontario.
Shine on: Butch. 


Carmen Roblin  
On June 5th, 2015
I rode from Welland to the Copper Head Motorcycle Resort in Blainsville, Georgia to join 32 members of Orlando H.O.G. for six days of riding in the Smokey and Blue Ridge Mountains in Tennessee, South Carolina and Georgia.  We rode the Gauntlet - it  took 5 hours - what a ride!  The photos attached were taken at Devil's Gap where we rode the Dragon - what an exercise in how to use all your energy - but fun was had by all.  We happened to arrive at the Dragon on a day when a large Suzuki  motorcycle rally was being held - 2,200 crotch rockets all trying to prove who could do the Dragon the fastest.  All we needed to do was stay out of their way!  Anyway, I'm sure John and Donna have seen it all before!


John, Donna, Straga Rosa and Butch in a village called Kagawong on the largest fresh water island in the world; Manitoulin Island. Also compassionately known as Rainbow Country. We have been through New Brunswick, out to Rimouski Quebec and back into Ontario at Hull, to Ottawa. We are headed into Sault Ste. Marie from here.


John, Donna, Straga Rosa and Butch in Gros Cap, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. We are at the mouth of the St. Mary's river where it opens up into Lake Superior, the largest fresh water lake in the world. I used to swim here when I was a Kid. Don't know how I could stand the water so cold.


 John, Donna, Straga Rosa and Butch at our camp site in Owen Sound while we attended the Regional HOG Rally. We took the ferry across from Manitoulin Island to Tobermory and then down to the rally. This trip is almost over.




August 2015
John & Donna came along when we were visiting York, PA factory. Checking out where our babies were born.







August 2015 - A group from the Niagara Hog Chapter decided to take in the 75th Anniversary in Sturgis South Dakota.The trip was the first time for most and several times for others.The Picture was taken in the Badlands of South DakotaThe people in the Picture are: Bottom: Pete Lawreson. Left to right: Christine Sexsmith, Heather Tonellato, Maggie Leone, Tammy Gilroy, Willie Uhrig. Back row: Don Sexsmith, Sandy Tonellato, Chuck, Leone,Nella, Willett Clark Willett








August 2015
We brought the John & Donna world tour shirt with us when we went visiting Devil's Tower during Sturgis 75th Bike Rally


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